Wordology Album Has 9 FREE Bible Songs For Kids

This project started as a hobby five or six years ago when I started writing simple Bible songs, inspired by my morning quiet times. One day, moved by Mark 9:37, we decided to try to recording these songs. Many unexpected twists and turns later, we have our first album. Our prayer is that parents will find these songs helpful for their children to become familiar with some important Bible verses. It was recorded simply, using acoustic instruments and an old laptop with GarageBand. My wife Lisa sings lead, along with Kaela, Lizzy, Zoe, Maria, Kallie, Rosey, Ellie, Audrey, Cora. I sing some backgrounds, along with playing the instruments. The project was mixed excellently by Dan Dybing. Artwork created by Zoe B.

This album was a labor of love. Any “tips” received will be donated to “Kids Against Hunger” in care of Evergreen church.

If you have trouble downloading, try: wordology.bandcamp.com

Thanks so much for listening!  Blessings, Spencer Bernard


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