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Download The Psalm 91 Song By Hitchcock Family


Download the Psalm 91 Song

If you put this verbatim musical rendition of the “Soldier’s Psalm” on your iPod or a CD and listen to it often, you may soon find yourself not only singing along, but effortlessly memorizing the entire 91st Psalm. Try it – the recording is absolutely free.

About Psalm 91

For the believer, the promises contained in the 91st Psalm are of great comfort in a world increasingly rampant with the violence of “wars and rumors of wars”(Matt: 26:4). This song is presented in the hope that it will lead the hearers back to God’s Word, which reminds us all that only in Christ Jesus can we find refuge from the storms of life.

About the Music

The music for this rendition of Psalm 91, composed in 1998, is one of many melodies the Lord has given us for verbatim passages from the KJV. It has been our privilege to use these songs to hide God’s Word in our hearts, and this “Psalm of Protection” has become a family favorite. We felt impressed of the Lord to make this simple recording for distribution over the Internet; we hope you will find it a channel of blessing.

Praise the Lord – Psalms 148:1-5 – SEEDS Family Worship

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Psalm 97 And Psalm 142 By Abunoah III

Psalm 97 And Psalm 142 By Abunoah III

Psalmist/Charlie Fowler

From the album Psome Psalms

(Must be member of soundclick to download song.)

Psalm 97

Psalm 142


Psalm 55:22 Seeds Family Worship – Cast Your Cares

Psalm 55:22 Seeds Family Worship – Cast Your Cares