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Trefor Jones Offers Offer 11 Scripture Song From Psalms

Trevor Jones

“The Psalms are timeless but allow us to express in quite a raw way how we are feeling to God”. This was the inspiration for Trefor Jones to record these ancient scriptures and “rediscover the Psalms as songs that are meant to be sung”.

Having previously released the album back in 2011, to much critical acclaim, Trefor Jones is pleased to announce that the Psalms project is going to be available as a free download.

“I am proud to have made an album that is different but that is sung in spirit and in truth. I genuinely think it’s important that we reconnect with the Psalms and this is my contribution to that effort.

Giving away the album for free is a brilliant way of ensuring that lots of people get to hear it”.



Tree Of Psalms 87 Single by Peter Nevland



Get Sherrie Youngward’s Scripture Songs Volume Two FREE




I have used songs from this album when I tuck in my most recent two adopted daughters age 5 and 7.  “In The Shelter” is one of the most delightful lullabyies you will ever find as a parent to calm fears at bedtime.  Download this masterpeice at Noisetrade as soon as you can and leaven Sherrie a generous tip. – Dave Davidson

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Tasha Lee Gives Away 44 Original Scripture Songs

Tasha Lee Gives Away 44 Original Scripture Songs – Get them free here and consider tipping this artist at Noisetrade.

“I am a gal who knows that having Scripture memorized is a great aid in living a godly life! These songs are simple, unpolished, and from my heart, created to help me memorize Bible verses that are meaningful to me. I am sharing them so that you also may benefit from treasuring up God’s Word in your heart.” – Tasha Lee

Tasha’s List of Scripture Songs