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Sons Of Korah Coming To America October 2013


About the name
The name “Sons of Korah” comes from a group of Old Testament Levitical musicians to whom at least 13 of the Psalms are attributed. The original Sons of Korah were responsible for the ministry of music and song in the Old Testament worship and particularly with the musical composition and performance of the psalms. What follows is the remarkable story of this family according to the brief records of the Bible.
The Story of the Sons of Korah is a wonderful story of God’s grace. In the Old Testament text of the Psalms reference is made to those who were involved in the composition of the psalms. Psalms 42 to 49 as well as Psalms 84 to 88 are attributed to a group known as the “Sons of Korah” (see the small print titles under the numbers of the psalms). It appears that this family of musicians were descendants of the same Korah who led a rebellion against Moses in the desert (Numbers 16). This was a serious crime that led to serious consequences for all those involved. We read that God caused the ground to open up and swallow all those who were involved in the rebellion along with their families (vs31ff). The idea of a judgement like this that involved the wiping out of the rebels as well as their families was that the line of the rebellious should not continue in the earth. It is therefore quite surprising that in Numbers 26:11 we read the words: “The line of Korah, however, did not die out.” And sure enough as we follow the genealogies through Chronicles we see that that the line of Korah did indeed continue. According to 1 Chronicles 6:31ff, David, when he was organising the different tasks for the temple worship, assigned the ministry of song for a large part to the Kohathites. The head of this group was Heman who is the writer of Psalm 88 and more significantly is a direct descendant of Korah the Kohathite. Hence the psalm is also attributed to the Sons of Korah. It seems that at some point this musical family came to be called after their rebellious forefather. Korah was an infamous historical figure in the Israelite consciousness, remembered as an example of rebellion against God. To be related to him would have been a notable thing, though not necessarily a negative thing. The continuing existence of this family line was a testimony to the grace of God who, although he would be right to wipe out the memory of sinful men from the earth, is nevertheless forgiving and whose heart is always for restoration and redemption rather than for destruction. The Sons of Korah were therefore a living testimony to God’s grace. They certainly had much to sing about. The band feels the same way.

Sherri Youngward Summer Tour 2013 Schedule

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5/3-5 Calvary Chapel Laguna Creek Watsonville, CA Women’s Retreat
5/9-10 Calvary Chapel Bangor Bangor, ME Women’s Retreat
5/11 Calvary Chapel Bangor Bangor, ME Sunday Evening Service
5/18 Revival Fellowship Menifee, CA Women’s Event with Elizabeth George
5/19 Calvary Chapel Ramona Ramona, CA Morning Service
6/1 Packinghouse Redlands, CA Sunday Morning Services
7/5-7 Calvary Chapel Carson City Carson City, NV Women’s Retreat
8/4 Calvary San Ramon San Ramon, CA Morning Service with Brian Hardin DAB
8/9-11 Calvary Chapel Bullhead City Women’s Retreat
8/13 Calvary Chapel Rancho Cucamonga Rancho Cucamonga, CA Women’s Event
8/23-25 Twin Peaks Conference Center Women’s Retreat
9/13-15 Horizon Indianapolis, IN Women’s Retreat


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Your Subwoofer Will Love Pop Scripture Memory Songs


About 13 months ago, my wife suggested to me that I put some Scriptures to music, as a memorization tool for our four children. She told me she’d had trouble finding such a tool that was musically current. Having written “virtues” songs and Bible-story songs for Rethink’s 252 Basics curriculum, I had experience in crafting songs for students that sounded like radio pop/rock. But would this really work with Scripture? I was about to find out.

We spent the next year working on an album of 12 Scripture memory songs, which we titled Better Than Life: Pop Scripture Songs (from Psalm 63:3-4: “Because Your loving-kindness is better than life…).

I had a blast writing and producing the project, with help from producer Ricky Rodriguez. All four of my children participated by singing, playing instruments, and helping arrange vocal parts; one of them even helped write a couple of the songs.  Featured vocalists include friends like Chrystina Fincher (Northpoint, Catalyst, Bigstuf), Chris Coleman (Northpoint, Bigstuf, Chris Coleman Band), Mike and Jimmy Atkins (of Second Hand City), and new friends Jill Howard and BJ Tallant (whose rap is one of my favorite moments on the album).

The result was a full-length pop/rock album with sounds reminiscent of Kelly Clarkson, Flo Rida, The Shins, and even Weezer.

We are partnering with ReThink/Amber Sky Records and Friendly City Records to release this album to the public. We’re also booking tour dates for the Better Than Life: Pop Scripture Songs Live experience.

June 11th: Community Concert, Fallston NC More info.

June 12th: Grace Fellowship, Snellville GA  Tickets/Info.

June 14th: Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Columbus GA – FREE!  More info.

June 30th: Mountain Grove Church, Granite Falls NC  More info.

August 25th: Mountain Grove Church, Granite Falls NC  More info.

Before we even headed into the studio, my kids had memorized these Scriptures by listening to my first, rough demo recordings of the songs. I found out early on that it works; these songs truly embed memory verses into kids’ hearts and minds. I hope you enjoy them as much as we have – and still are!

– Danny Stephens, January 2013



Producer/songwriter Danny Stephens has spent the bulk of his adult life as a touring musician. He’s a founding and current member of the multi-Grammy and Dove nominated band Smalltown Poets. He’s also served as a church music director (Northpoint Ministries) and creative director (Christ Church in NC).

Currently, Danny works as a full-time freelance musician, songwriter, producer, and church music/creative arts consultant. He has created dozens of children’s songs, including many used by ReThink and 252 Basics children’s curriculum.

He and his wife Cindy live on a farm in Western North Carolina with their four children – Noah, Promise Joy, Dove, and Jett. They enjoy doing music for the local nursing home together, in-home family movie nights, keeping up with their myriad of homefarm animals, and tending their home-grown vittles.