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Sing Through the Bible – Daily Bible Songs for 2016

One girl. One year. 365 original songs straight from scripture!
Starting January 1, 2016, I will be posting a new video with a new, original song EVERY DAY for the entire year! Each day’s song lyrics will be pulled directly from that day’s Daily Bible reading in the One Year Bible (NLT version). Please subscribe and join the journey as we sing through the Bible! :)

Hi friends! This is our Patreon video! Patreon is a really cool crowdfunding site that allows people to give small amounts of money monthly to help support artists. NO PRESSURE WHATSOEVER, but for those of you who believe in our ministry and feel called to support us financially, Patreon is a GREAT way to do it! Check it out here:…

Like other crowdfunding, Patreon offers rewards based on the support you are able to give. I’m happy to announce that for $1 a month, we will be giving away ALL OUR MP3’s this year as they come out! That’s right, around 30 new songs every single month…for $1! We want to get these songs out to everyone we can so that God’s word can spread, so that is why we are giving away the music at the lowest level. :) (And seriously…if you are someone who is so financially strapped you can’t afford $1 a month but you want our songs, send us an email at – I’ll get them to you.) Be sure to check out our Patreon page to find out about all the different rewards we are offering.

Again, want to stress that you are under NO obligation whatsoever to give us money and our videos will always be completely free on YouTube! We are doing this whether or not we make any money for it because we believe God called us to do it and we are following His lead and trusting Him to provide! So no matter what happens, these videos will keep coming (God willing) and we appreciate you simply watching them! And to those of you who are sharing our videos and praying for us, THANK YOU!! We love you and appreciate you!! :)

One girl, one year, 365 new original songs straight from scripture!

Sing Through the Bible is a new YouTube channel where Amy Treadwell Toy will be posting a new original song every day, with lyrics straight from that day’s daily bible reading!

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