Sherri Youngward’s Psalm 139 Devotions

This morning I sat down, grabbed my guitar and started playing You Are There- from Psalm 139. As I was playing, the words “You comprehend my path” caught my attention.

When I think of a path, I picture grass and weeds worn down to dirt- these are well traveled paths. He comprehends our path and His comprehension is not shallow or aloof. Psalm 139 describes this in great detail. 

While walking on harder parts of our path, where remedies and answers are way over our heads, there is comfort in knowing He is with us. He knows the people on our path, from family, to co-workers to grocery clerks and friends. He knows who we miss, and who we are blazing a new trail toward. Remembering this inspires me to make eye contact along the way. 

Paths change, seasons may involve well worn roads to doctors and hospitals, for loved ones or for yourself. For some, the grass has grown back over those stretches and now new paths are ahead.    

Jesus said, “follow Me.”  He is taking us somewhere spiritually, and I want to go.

Today this truth was dusted off and brought back to full shine, that God is with us, every step. – Sherri Youngward

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