Robbie Seay Releases 5 Psalm Songs


Friends, It’s with great joy today that we make available the brand new RSB record “Psalms EP, Vol. 1” for free. As many of you know, I have been a worship pastor and songwriter for many years. I have written songs for the church and in the church. By definition, I am a modern day Psalmist – though my understanding and passion for the Biblical Psalms, until recently, has been elementary. Sure, I had favorites that i would read and a basic knowledge of the more common passages but it was not a priority for me to include the Psalms when leading worship or to write new music for the Psalms. God changed that in me and this past summer as RSB went into the studio to record “Psalms EP, Vol. 1”. The Old Testament theologian Gordon Wenham said “Singing or praying the Psalms is a performative act. Saying them to God alters one’s relationship in a way that merely listening does not.” Our hope is that you enjoy these new songs, store these Psalms within you and that together we sing and pray these Psalms in response to a loving and holy God. And so there a few things I am asking you to do as you download Vol 1 today: 1. Download and listen. 2. If these Psalms resonate with you and if the vision of composing new music for these Psalms is something you believe in, we need your help. Vol 1 is on us at no charge. But we need you to pre-order Vol 2 & 3. We will be launching a Kickstarter to begin the pre-orders for Volumes 2&3 in coming days and would love to have you join in the fun. 3. Help us spread the word about the new music in whatever way you think is appropriate. We are an independent band that doesn’t have a big marketing machine. We simply have great friends who we’ve met through the years – and we are grateful for any mention of this EP and the Kickstarter campaign. Follow us on twitter (@robbieseay), Facebook (RobbieSeayBand fan page) or look for email updates in the coming weeks. Blessings from RSB, Robbie

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