Isaiah 64:4 by Chris Clark Creative Music


Isaiah 64-4

“From of old no one has heard or perceived by the ear,
no eye has seen a God besides you,
who acts for those who wait for you.”

Isaiah 64-4

This scripture has been a great reminder for me to consider the greatness of God. It has caused me to ponder….. that in all the many splendors of this world, nothing that I have seen or heard is like the great creator of the universe….and the craziest thing is…. that God… the creator of all things acts for people who simply wait for him.

Question: What does it look like to wait on God?

For me waiting on God has been a humble exercise of frequent, mostly brief, but occasionally sustained pauses in the normal everyday activities of life. It has looked like taking a moment or sometimes several moments to thank God for the air that fills my lungs and the grace that has allowed me to continue life on this earth. These days I am doing my best to stop and ask God for guidance in the many decisions that are made on any given day….even in the seemingly obvious or mundane. I am trying hard to wait for God to speak. I am praying for faith to believe that He will “act for me”. What a humbling thought, that the God who holds everything in his hands, who made the oceans, who scattered the stars and planets through out the galaxies, who knows the exact number of times my heart will beat…..THAT God…would listen and act for me if only I would wait for Him. – Chris Clark


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