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Over our fifteen-year history, Forerunner Music has released over 150 albums of worship and devotional music from the ministry of the International House of Prayer. The Anthology series takes some of the best songs from our history and releases them thematically. The second album in the Anthology series, Psalms: Songs of David is a compilation of songs written from and inspired by the songs of King David. The psalms reveal the emotions of the human heart in seasons of hope and disappointment, joy and sorrow, triumph and defeat, in songs of praise, thanksgiving, and yearning. With tracks from Misty Edwards, Laura Hackett Park, Matt Gilman, Jaye Thomas, Cory Asbury, Jon Thurlow, and more, this album will take you on a journey through the psalms of David—longing for more of God, rejoicing in His delight over you, and declaring your love for the Lord, our strength and the rock of our salvation.

“When I Am Afraid” is a statement of trust and dependence on God in the midst of trials. Backed by organic percussive sounds and a soulful choir, Laura Hackett Park declares, “I will not build my life upon the passing sands of how I feel inside from one moment to the next, but I will love You, Lord, my rock, my God, my strength, a precious cornerstone that floods of death could never shake.”

“My Soul Longs For You,” originally from Misty Edwards’ acclaimed 2007 album, Relentless, is a well-known worship anthem that has been covered by Jesus Culture as well as featured on the 2007 Onething Live album. This song also features David Brymer (“Worthy of It All,” “Beauty, Beauty,” “Wedding Song”), who echoes King David’s Psalm 63 cry: “My soul thirsts for you; my flesh faints for you, as in a dry and weary land where there is no water.”

Cory Asbury’s “Psalm 18” is a highly energetic fusion of urgent compelling music and closely paraphrased Scripture. Asbury’s powerful vocals were excellent throughout his musically diverse 2009 album, Let Me See Your Eyes, and they lift this song to its highest point in the bridge: “You deliver me for You delight in me, I am Your beloved one // Now I give my life—I surrender—come and take me, I am Yours!”

Psalms closes with Jaye Thomas’s “Higher,” a joyful testimony of the Lord’s faithfulness, featuring The Cry, and Cory Asbury’s “Ascribe,” sung by Justin Rizzo and Jill Mahan, a simple praise song written from Psalm 29 with Celtic musical influences and a soaring, worshipful chorus that provides the perfect finale to the album: “Ascribe to the Lord the glory due His name, all power and all praise, for He is holy and He is worthy of all of the glory and all of our love.”

These twelve songs are now together on one album for the first time—on Anthology Volume 2,Psalms: Songs of David. Our prayer is that you will be moved in a new way through this unique collection.

Track Listing

1. The Entry (Ps. 119) – Matt Gilman
2. You Love Me Forever (Ps. 61) – Merchant Band
3. Majestic (Ps. 8) – Jon Thurlow
4. You Are My Hope (Ps. 25) – Cory Asbury
5. Tree (Ps. 1) – Justin Rizzo
6. When I Am Afraid (Ps. 61) – Laura Hackett Park
7. Door Keeper – One Thing (Ps. 27) – Audra Lynn
8. Psalm 18 (Ps. 18) – Cory Asbury
9. My Soul Longs For You (Ps. 63) – Misty Edwards
10. Be Exalted (Ps. 11) – Luke Wood
11. Higher  (Ps. 18) – Jaye Thomas (feat. The Cry)
12. Ascribe (Ps. 29) – Justin Rizzo & Jill Mahan

Featured Artists

Cory Asbury
Audra Lynn
Misty Edwards
Matt Gilman
Merchant Band
Laura Hackett Park
Justin Rizzo
Jaye Thomas
Jon Thurlow
Luke Wood





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