Guyana Missionaries The Runyons Offer Daily Scripture Songs In A Dozen Albums

ss runyons

The Runyons explain their heart’s desire is that people would be able to memorize the precious “Word Of God”… Scripture Songs has been a proven way to get this done. The tune literally locks the verses in your mind. They not only use the Old King James Bible… They believe it is 100% true and accurate. They never planned to try to “make money” with our music. They gave away 1,000s of poorly recorded cassette tapes in the early days of our ministry. Then CDs came along and we gave away 1,000s of those. Then they got the idea to put the songs into a series, and have then professionally done. Daily Scripture Songs was born… They now have SONG for everyday. The whole program was expensive to produce and now we have found a way for this program to be a blessing to a lot of people. They want a lot of people to get the CDs for the same reason they always did… “To Learn The Bible”…—12-cds.html

To get acquainted with their songs they offer a free sampler album, which is their 3 favorite songs from each of the dozen monthly themed albums.

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