Free Scripture Song Preaching the Meaning of Philippians 4:13

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, like seriously, like I’m not kidding…”

“Your situation is impossible and without God that’s logical,
single mom with three kids and the youngest son is in the hospital.
Tell me whatcha gonna do now? That doctor is charging you 2 thou’.”

“I ain’t doing no laundry, but I’m about to shout…”

“He carried me through the wind like a parachute…”

Here is a refreshing find in the scripture song realm. For lack of a better term its basically rap preaching, beating up on a bible verse all the while dope rhymes reinforce the focus of the message, thus teaching you the meaning of the verse. In this case it’s Philippians 4:13. Its the title track of a rap album definitely worth downloading entirely for free at the soundcloud links.

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