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Jude Injuction by Christcentric


Christcentric is a collection of ministers who use the vehicle of hip-hop to preach, teach, and defend the message of Jesus Christ and Him crucified.

Christcentric takes doctrinal truths and biblical passages and casts them into a lyrical framework to make plain the mind of the Lord to professing believers within the hip-hop culture.

With the Jude Injuction, Christcentric embarks on another ambitious task of doing a fully expositional project.

In this 6th project dropping on December 3rd the hope is to clearly convey the concerns the Holy Spirit sought to raise through Jude. By doing so, may the Lord be pleased to make the faith more precious and the fame of Christ more widespread.

1. By Faith
Produced by The Apologist

2. Jude 1-2 The Salutation
Produced by Blessed Nazirite for Set You Free Productions

3. Jude 3 The Faith Once For All Delivered
Produced by Righteouz Knight

4. Jude 4 Clandestine Workers

Produced by Doctrynal

5. Jude 5-7 Destruction of Apostates
Produced by Righteouz Knight

6. Thy Kingdom Come! (Postmillennialism) Feat. Benjamin The Esquire
Produced by Righteouz Knight

7. Jude 8-10 Despisers of the Truth
Produced by The Apologist

8. Jude 11 Threefold Apostasy Feat ThaKidd Jopp
Produced by The Apologist

9. God’s Righteousness
Produced by The Apologist

10. Jude 12-13 Divine Indictment of Evil Workers
Produced by Blessed Nazirite for Set You Free Productions

11. Jude 14-15 Enoch’s Prophecy
Produced by The Apologist

12. Doctrinal Rhymeschemes Part 2 Feat. Omri & B-Doe
Produced by The Apologist

13. Jude 16-19 Unholy Separatists
Produced by The Apologist

14. Jude 20-23 Faith’s Resource
Produced by Doctrynal

15. Jude 24-25 The Doxology
Produced by The Apologist, Bass & Guitar by Rick Amezaga

16. Wrath & Grace Feat. Righteouz Knight, Benjamin The Esquire & Omri
Produced by The Apologist


bamlamnam . • a comment from Rapzilla site…

Christcentric, one of the few left putting out actual Christian music instead of those claiming to reach the masses by watering down the message to “relate” more meanwhile they are reaching none and leading none to Christ because it is impossible to lead someone to Christ without the word and the gospel message. Song 16 Wrath and Grace is hotter than Elijah’s alter when he challenged the false prophets of Baal, definitely one of the best songs I have heard this year!

Jim Swanson’s 239 KJV Scripture Songs

In 1974 I began teaching grades 3 through 6 in a Christian school near Chattanooga, Tennessee. After lunch, I would grab my guitar and we would sing choruses together. It was great fun and a refreshing break from the academics of the day.

Some of the younger students were slow at learning their weekly memory verse and I pondered how I could help these youngsters learn God’s Word. We had sung songs like, “I am the Resurrection and the Life,” and “I will sing of the Mercies of the Lord forever,” so I thought, “Why not compose a tune for this week’s memory verse?” We started singing Ephesians 4:32, 1 Thessalonians 5:18, and Colossians 3:23. This was so successful that I began writing tunes for other verses as well. My pastor and friends were a great encouragement and the ministry expanded.

The motive for writing the songs was not only to teach verses but also to help all of us meditate on the Scripture. I frequently have a song running through my head. When the words to the song are Scripture, it causes me to think over and over of what God has said. Those who meditate on Scripture have some wonderful promises they can claim (e.g. Psalm 1:1-3; Joshua 1:8, etc.) I set these guidelines:

  • I would use the King James Version;
  • I would use the exact words of the verse(s), not paraphrase them.

I chose the KJV for several reasons. First, I was most familiar with it. Second, I felt it was the most accurate and trustworthy translation of the original. Third, I was uncomfortable with a business copyrighting God’s Word, and, by using the KJV, I avoided this. Fourth, the uniqueness and beauty of the translation made it easier to set the words to music.

I did not want to paraphrase the verses because what the Scriptures mean to me is secondary to what God actually said and means. By rendering the exact words, those who learn the songs are meditating on the actual words of Scripture and the Spirit of God can use His Word to teach them about the Lord. – Jim Swanson