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Hidden in My Heart Scripture Memory Bible NLT Book and 100 Scripture Songs


Scripture memorization grounds kids in the faith, equips them for the future, and solidifies relationships with Christ, family, and others. The Hidden in My Heart Scripture Memory Bible was created to encourage kids not only to read God’s Word but also to hide it deep within their hearts. One hundred of the Bible’s core verses have been set to music by renowned children’s author and song writer Stephen Elkins. The 100 songs include a variety of genres and are available in the New Living Translation, New International Version, and King James Version, and all songs are free with the purchase of the Bible. Additional interactive features encourage school-age kids to engage with the Word in every place of their life.



Ezekiel Chapter 31 – Pharaoh and His Multitude – by Paul Stringini


This is a very intense visual experience, you will probably either watch it several times or turn it off after about 10 seconds. This song is about the power of Satan which underpins Earthly powers and about their shared fate. I won’t say more than that, I use the images in the video to communicate my thoughts on the subject. The lyrics are, of course, Ezekiel Chapter 31 from the Bible, more for less verbatim. – Paul Stringini

This Song “Ezekiel Chapter 31 – Pharaoh and His Multitude” Is Dave Davidson’s Favorite Oracles of God Scripture Song.  Daves Super Faves


Verse Rehearse June 23rd Romans 6:23

June 23rd (6:23) Romans 6:23 
For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

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Petra Fan Convention Tickets For June 21st 2013


From John Schlitt Facebook Page

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Samantha Scales-Arnold, Tawana Albert and Steven S. Billings will be performing at this year’s convention as well!

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Four Trumpets Scripture Song Video Revelation 8:7-13 by Paul Stringini………
First official video from the my new album, The Book of Revelation (Chapters 1-11), word for word from the holy scriptures. Hope you enjoy it.