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Joel Turner Belts Out 19 Scripture Songs And Counting On You Tube

Joel Turner Belts Out 19 Scripture Songs And Counting On You Tube

Joel Turner

  • Acts 10:42-44 scripture song

    Reading through acts with my wife and as we came across vs 43, I knew right then that God had it to be put to scripture. May all who call on the righteousness of the Lord through faith experience the fullness of His promises.
  • Romans 6:6-8, 11-12 scripture song

    Dead into sin and alive unto Christ. This is the TRUE gospel of Jesus Christ. That we should not live in bondage to sin, but that instead, our heavenly father would be who we emulate and we would walk worth of the kingdom …

  • Psalm 61:1-4 scripture song

    Lead me to the rock that is higher than I. There was a latter bit I forgot to add to the song…”selah”. Selah means meditate on this thought. Meditate on these words, meditate on the words of Christ. 
  • 1 John 5:2-4 scripture song

    After a morning in Gods word in first John, one can clearly see the glory of the Lord revealed in those who obey His EVERY commandment. How do we know when we love the children of God? When we love God. How do we love God?…

  • Joshua 1:9

    As I prayed to the Lord for deliverance from my enemies, my next passage in reading was in Joshua 1. This verse jumped into my mind and I immediately had a tune in my head (given from the Lord). 

  • Reading of John 14

    This is the reading of John 14 kjv. This has been uploaded only for the worship of God and should be taken as such.
  • Psalm 4:2-4

    Psalm 4:2-4 ranges very differently from version to version. The kjv is the truest translation and says to stand in awe of God and sin not. Turn not the glory of the Lord into shame with unbelief. 
  • Romans 8:37-39

    Romans 8:37-39 is about the conquering that Jesus Christ did on the cross to save us from sin. The love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord is that we would sin no more, but instead, live entirely for Christ..steadfastly minde…

  • 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 was given to me to sing by the Lord and for His glory. Chords are available upon request.

  • Psalms 139:23-24

    Search me o God, and know my heart, try me and know my thoughts. See of there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.

    With God leading us in the way everlasting, what worries do we have? 

  • Micah 6:6-8 scripture to song

    What is there possibly that we could give to the Lord as a sacrifice? A thousand rams, tens of thousand of rivers of oil? The Lord requires a right heart with Him, which we learn in psalms is a broken and contrite heart. 

  • Joel 2:11-13 scripture to song

    The Lord is more almighty than we can ever know, but His grace and mercy is something that we can experience fully on earth. This song was created by Him, for His glory.

  • Isaiah 43:1,3,7,11 scripture to song

    God has worked wonders in my life, transforming me from who I was, to who He wants me to be. This song is simply praise to Him. Chords available upon request.

  • Hebrews 3:12-15 scripture sung

    These are the very words of God put to scripture: Hebrews 3:12-15. I say 12-14 in my song but it’s 15 as well. These chords and the tune were inspired by God for His glory. Chords can be given upon request. 

  • Keith green’s “Create in me a clean heart” by Joel Turner

    This song is not mine but I love it because it is scripture. This is David’s cry to a holy God. I sing this song for the glory of God. Chords are available upon request and lyrics can be found in psalms.

  • 1 John 3:16,18

    This is the third song God had me both pen down and sing. Once again this song was written very early in the morning when God woke me up and had me read through 1 John. As I came across 3:16,18…the chords came to me and …

  • 1 Peter 4:13 sung by Joel Turner

    This is the second song that God has given me to sing. Again this song was an early morning venture as God woke me up around 2-3 am to write it. I’ve never been able to write any chords or tunes but when I came across this…

  • Hebrews 11:6 sung by Joel Turner

    This song was inspired directly from God’s word. He woke me up around 2 to get up and read through Hebrews and as I did, I came across this verse and the tune and chords just came to me. 

Peter Robertson’s Devotion Album Has 8 Scripture Songs


Listen to song samples at the link below-


Looking for a little inspiration for your daily Bible devotions? This full-length album contains 8 songs fully based in scriptures – perfect devotional music for your time alone with God. The Bible says that the word of God is living and active. It has the answer to every need in your life. Music is an incredible vehicle to help plant things in your heart, and singing scripture is a biblical principle. When the Jews meditate on the word of God they often sing portions of scripture.

These short devotions in song have been especially written to help you focus on God’s Word when faced with the daily trials of life. All the lyrics in these songs come directly from the Bible so when you sing these songs you are singing the scriptures. Listening to these songs makes for a great daily devotion or as an aid for meditating on the Word of God, or memorising scripture.

Let scripture become implanted in your heart as you allow these inspirational devotions to wash over you, refresh you, and offer you comfort and hope.


Bible Melody Website Showcases Impressive Playable Song List  Here is a website with a decent playable song list from the following Scripture Song artists and songwriters: Sons of Korah, Diamond Valley, Robert Evans, Mark Altrogge, Mark and Stephen Altrogge, The Smith Family, Forever Grateful Music, Decrease Dwayne, Lisa Bevill, Fiona Mellett, Scat Springs, Michael Mellett, Tom Lane, Kim Hill and Covenant Life Church.



Romans Cycle Is An Album Dedicated To The Books Of Romans

This album has 17 tracks dedicated to the book of Romans and 6 tracks are available for free download.

Follow this link for more about the project. –

Romans Cycle Free Downloads
But Now the Righteousness
There is Therefore
For As Many
Owe No Man
But What Saith It
That Ye May

Here is the full list of tracks available at Amazon.

1. Paul, a Servant (Romans 1:1-4)
2. For I Am Not Ashamed (Romans 1:16-17)
3. O the Depth (Romans 11:33-36)
4. But Now the Righteousness (Romans 3:21-22)
5. For As Many (Romans 2:12-13)
6. For We Know (Romans 7:14-15)
7. There is Therefore (Romans 8:1-2)
8. But What Saith It (Romans 10:8-9)
9. Now Being Made Free (Romans 6:22-23)
10. I Beseech You (Romans 12:1-2)
11. Owe No Man (Romans 13:8-10)
12. For To This End (Romans 14:9-11)
13. Therefore It Is of Faith (Romans 4:16-17)
14. Thou Wilt Say (Romans 9:19-20)
15. That Ye May (Romans 15:6-7)
16. Therefore Being Justified (Romans 5:1-2)
17. Now to Him (Romans 16:25-27)



Living Scripture Music God Is Yahweh Album From Malaysia

God Is Yahweh
1.   Isaiah 43:5-7
2.   Isaiah 43:11,12
3.   Zephaniah  3:14-17
4.   Psalm 118:25-29
5.   Joel 3:15-18
6.   Joel 2:12-14
7.   Deuteronomy 6:4,5;10:12,13
8.   Lamentations 3:19-25
9.   Psalm 65:4,5
10. Psalm 23
11. Psalm 89:11-16
12. Jude 24,25

All praise and thanks to Yahweh our God and the Lord Yeshua our Savior for enabling my family to produce our first Word-for-Word Scripture song album, entitled, “God is Yahweh”. 
We dedicate this album to You, our beloved and gracious God, and we unreservedly say that all glory and worship belong to You alone, For all things come from You, and of Your own we have given You!

Since God revealed to us that He is His Word, and His Word alone is the source of salvation and all spiritual blessings, my family and house congregation are more diligent to read, study, memorize, meditate, and now, sing His Scripture Word-for-Word. As a result, we are receiving continual revelations to this day, and experiencing powerful transformations as God’s Word takes root in our lives. 

One of the greatest revelations God gave us was that His personal Name is Yahweh (“YHWH” consonants in the original Hebrew text). Although God’s Name appears more than 6800 times in the Old Testament, it is unfortunately translated away as “the LORD” in most English bibles! Yahweh Himself declares that whoever calls on the Name of Yahweh shall be saved (Joel 2:32)! The Name of His Son as first declared to Mary, the Hebrew maiden, was Yeshua (Mt. 1:21, “Jesus” in English 
bibles). Yeshua means “Yahweh is Salvation” in Hebrew! That is why Yeshua declares “My Father and I are one” (Jn. 10:30), and the apostles confidently proclaim also that whoever calls or believes on the Name of Yeshua shall be saved (Act 4:12, Rom 10:9-13)!

With this, it is our joy and privilege to make available this album for you to sing to Yahweh His Name and Word. This home-production by our five children is the fruit of their daily meditation on His Word in the midst of studies and chores. We pray that you will be blessed as you sing, memorize, meditate and live out His Word!
We are grateful to God that permission has been granted to us by Thomas Nelson, Inc. to use the scriptures from the New King James Version (NKJV) of the Bible in our production of the songs. 

My heart-felt appreciation to our congregation, Elim House Church, for their receptivity and zeal in what God is doing in our midst, especially in worshipping God by singing His Word! A special thanks to Esther Mui for her encouragement and helpful advice to our children in music and audio CD production.

A big “Thank You” too to Samuel Mui, Li Qing, Li Wei, Li Keong and Grace Lim for their parts in the music and vocals.

Lastly, I am deeply grateful to God for my wife and help-meet, May Ling, whom I greatly love and appreciate. Your untiring labor for the sake of our children’s eternal destiny is bearing fruits that both of us can appreciate.

All glory to God!

Lee Shaw Ming

Sherri Youngward’s Guitar Chords Pdf to Scripture Songs Volume 2


Sherri Youngward’s Guitar Chords Pdf to Scripture Songs Volume 2

Psalm 27 Video Performance by Nathan George Clark

Psalm 27 Video

Here is a quick video of Psalm 27 as found in Crown and Covenant’s Book of Psalms for Singing.  We will use this as our Psalm of the Month at Parish Presbyterian Church through June.  Enjoy!

Arizona’s Chris Pajak Incorporates Scripture Songs Into Leading Worship

Chris Pajak’s Amazon page that include Scripture Songs

Chris Pajak’s Favorite Bible Verses / Passages:

Hebrews 10:14 For by a single offering he has perfected for all time those who are being sanctified.

1 Samuel 15:22 And Samuel said, “Has the LORD as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the LORD? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to listen than the fat of rams.

2 Samuel 15:22 is in reality, all about worship.
Too many other passages to list here. I affirm sola scriptura, in all that we sing.

Wordology Album Has 9 FREE Bible Songs For Kids

This project started as a hobby five or six years ago when I started writing simple Bible songs, inspired by my morning quiet times. One day, moved by Mark 9:37, we decided to try to recording these songs. Many unexpected twists and turns later, we have our first album. Our prayer is that parents will find these songs helpful for their children to become familiar with some important Bible verses. It was recorded simply, using acoustic instruments and an old laptop with GarageBand. My wife Lisa sings lead, along with Kaela, Lizzy, Zoe, Maria, Kallie, Rosey, Ellie, Audrey, Cora. I sing some backgrounds, along with playing the instruments. The project was mixed excellently by Dan Dybing. Artwork created by Zoe B.

This album was a labor of love. Any “tips” received will be donated to “Kids Against Hunger” in care of Evergreen church.

If you have trouble downloading, try:

Thanks so much for listening!  Blessings, Spencer Bernard


Psalm 97 And Psalm 142 By Abunoah III

Psalm 97 And Psalm 142 By Abunoah III

Psalmist/Charlie Fowler

From the album Psome Psalms

(Must be member of soundclick to download song.)

Psalm 97

Psalm 142