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Various Artists Video Verse Jars of Clay 2nd Corinthians 4

jars of clay

Chelsey Hilman, Sing Through The Bible, Mark Altrogge Samuel Higgins, numbershir0, Jon Clayborn, Phil Porter, Champion Studios, Truth Songs, rladbsl, and John Piper teaching offer their renditions of Jars of Clay 2nd Corinthians 4.



Jason Gangwish Psalm Scripture Songs on Soundcoud


Pslam 61 (to the Rock) by jgangwish

From Psalm 61:1-5.
Words and music by Jason Gangwish.

Read on for lyrics, and to learn more about the song and songwriter Jason Gangwish.

We all at some point in our walks face what the Psalmist is saying here. “Oh God, hear my cry, Listen to my prayer…” This is simply how I prayed this back to God one evening. – Jason

O Lord hear my cry
Listen to my prayer
From the ends of the earth
I call to you in despair

Lead me to the rock
That is higher than I
For you’ve been my refuge
A tower of strength through this war

I will dwell in your house forever
Take refuge under your wing
O God all my vows you’ve heard
….in fear of your name

Jason Gangwish – Mason City, Iowa

Jason and his family live in the Midwest. He is a father of three boys, husband to an amazing woman and worship pastor at Praise Community Church in Mason City, Iowa. Find Jason on  Twitter (@jgangwish) or on Facebook.  He also blogs here.

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Colossians 3:1,2 Various Scripture Song Songwriters





David Achata Psalms by David


Trefor Jones Offers Offer 11 Scripture Song From Psalms

Trevor Jones

“The Psalms are timeless but allow us to express in quite a raw way how we are feeling to God”. This was the inspiration for Trefor Jones to record these ancient scriptures and “rediscover the Psalms as songs that are meant to be sung”.

Having previously released the album back in 2011, to much critical acclaim, Trefor Jones is pleased to announce that the Psalms project is going to be available as a free download.

“I am proud to have made an album that is different but that is sung in spirit and in truth. I genuinely think it’s important that we reconnect with the Psalms and this is my contribution to that effort.

Giving away the album for free is a brilliant way of ensuring that lots of people get to hear it”.


Iowa’s Andy Johnson Lantern Music Scripture Song Videos


Benny Logos And The Verses – Scripture Songs That Rock Album


Scripture Songs That Rock! is a fun, easy and very effective way to learn and remember key Bible verses. If you like catchy, guitar-driven pop/rock you will love the music. Best of all, you will find yourself effortlessly memorizing some of the most powerful scriptures in the entire Bible. Why Memorize Scripture? Our modern culture bombards us daily with negative words, images and ideas. We need to fight back by filling our minds with things that are good and positive. What could be better to fill your mind with than the Word of God? Imagine the impact of listening to some of the most powerful verses in the Bible put to melodies that you simply cannot forget. The result is that Gods life-changing words of hope, love, and salvation are imprinted on your mind forever. Gods Word will change your life in dramatic ways when you allow it to penetrate into your mind and heart. Who is this CD for? This is music for people of all ages… anyone who likes hook-driven, pop rock! In the music you’ll hear influences of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, U2 and many other popular bands from the 60s, 70s and 80s. But in the lyrics you’ll find only one influence – God. All but two of these songs are direct quotes from the Bible. The scripture references are also included as part of the songs, so you can remember where the verses are located. Also featured is a cool electric guitar medley of Amazing Grace and When the Saints Go Marching In. Finally, there is a prayer of salvation set to a simple song that makes the perfect accompaniment to a church alter call. Get into the word… Get the word into YOU!


  1. John 1-12 (To All Who Received Him)…
  2. Phil 4-13 (I Can Do Everything)…
  3. Psalm 37-4 (Delight Yourself in the Lord)…
  4. Deut 31-8 (The Lord Himself Goes Before You)…
  5. John 3-16 (For God So Loved the World)…
  6. Romans 8-28 (In All Things God Works for the Good)…
  7. 1 Chron 4-10 (Prayer of Jabez)…
  8. Jeremiah 29-11 (I Know the Plans I Have for You)…
  9. Romans 5-8 (God Demonstrates His Own Love)…
  10. Romans 10-9 (If You Confess)…
  11. A Simple Prayer
  12. John 10-28 (I Give Them Eternal Life)…

Nebraska’s Sells Sweeter Also Than Honey Album

“In the album, Sweeter Also Than Honey, Scripture Praise combines beautiful vocal melodies and harmonies with scriptures from the Psalms for inspiring and meditative Praise and Worship to YHWH.”

Click on the Sweeter PDFs below to access Scripture Lyrics with Chords from our first CD, “Sweeter Also Than Honey”.  Download these PDFs for free to use in your personal and group praise and worship.

Sweeter Also Than Honey  In Psalm 19:7-10, David reminds us that YHWH’s law is “sweeter than honey and more precious than gold”.

Teach Me Thy Statutes  The Pslamist says to YHWH in Psalm 119:11-12, “Teach me thy statutes”.

O Yahqob, Selah  In Psalm 24, David declares to the children of Yahqob (Jacob) to “Lift up up your heads…and the King of glory shall come in”.

Marchin Forward with YHWH  Based on Psalm 68:6-9, 11 written by David, this scripture song is written like a military cadence call encouraging us to March Forward with YHWH.

New Song  This scripture song comes from Psalm 96:1-4 and encourages us to “Sing unto YHWH a new song”.

Blessed Be YHWH  Based on Psalm 28:6-9, David blesses YHWH for hearing his supplications.

My Heart Is Fixed, O Elohiym  David declares as he flees from King Saul, “My Heart is Fixed, O Eloyiym, my heart is fixed:  I will sing and give praise”.

My Elohiym  In Psalm 145:1-7 David sings, “I will extol thee, my Elohiym, O King; and I will bless thy name for ever and ever”.

Rachel Neuman’s You Tube Scripture Song Performances

Sherri Youngward’s Psalm 139 Devotions

This morning I sat down, grabbed my guitar and started playing You Are There- from Psalm 139. As I was playing, the words “You comprehend my path” caught my attention.

When I think of a path, I picture grass and weeds worn down to dirt- these are well traveled paths. He comprehends our path and His comprehension is not shallow or aloof. Psalm 139 describes this in great detail. 

While walking on harder parts of our path, where remedies and answers are way over our heads, there is comfort in knowing He is with us. He knows the people on our path, from family, to co-workers to grocery clerks and friends. He knows who we miss, and who we are blazing a new trail toward. Remembering this inspires me to make eye contact along the way. 

Paths change, seasons may involve well worn roads to doctors and hospitals, for loved ones or for yourself. For some, the grass has grown back over those stretches and now new paths are ahead.    

Jesus said, “follow Me.”  He is taking us somewhere spiritually, and I want to go.

Today this truth was dusted off and brought back to full shine, that God is with us, every step. – Sherri Youngward