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The Rizers Raise The Bar

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The Rizers- Proverbs 3:5-6 (Trust In The Lord) Verse Rehearse verse for March 5th & 6th.

Scotland’s Own Ian White Has 70 Psalm Scripture Songs

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For 28 years Ian White he has travelled the world, produced more than 20 albums, and has combined sales from his Scottish based record label, Little Misty Music, of around a quarter of a million units. Ian and Carol have two boys, Taylor, 20, and Harrison, 18, and live in Perth, Scotland.

CD 1

CD 2

The Full Album is available to buy in MP3 format here

CD 1

CD 2

The Full Album is available to buy in MP3 format here


Your Subwoofer Will Love Pop Scripture Memory Songs


About 13 months ago, my wife suggested to me that I put some Scriptures to music, as a memorization tool for our four children. She told me she’d had trouble finding such a tool that was musically current. Having written “virtues” songs and Bible-story songs for Rethink’s 252 Basics curriculum, I had experience in crafting songs for students that sounded like radio pop/rock. But would this really work with Scripture? I was about to find out.

We spent the next year working on an album of 12 Scripture memory songs, which we titled Better Than Life: Pop Scripture Songs (from Psalm 63:3-4: “Because Your loving-kindness is better than life…).

I had a blast writing and producing the project, with help from producer Ricky Rodriguez. All four of my children participated by singing, playing instruments, and helping arrange vocal parts; one of them even helped write a couple of the songs.  Featured vocalists include friends like Chrystina Fincher (Northpoint, Catalyst, Bigstuf), Chris Coleman (Northpoint, Bigstuf, Chris Coleman Band), Mike and Jimmy Atkins (of Second Hand City), and new friends Jill Howard and BJ Tallant (whose rap is one of my favorite moments on the album).

The result was a full-length pop/rock album with sounds reminiscent of Kelly Clarkson, Flo Rida, The Shins, and even Weezer.

We are partnering with ReThink/Amber Sky Records and Friendly City Records to release this album to the public. We’re also booking tour dates for the Better Than Life: Pop Scripture Songs Live experience.

June 11th: Community Concert, Fallston NC More info.

June 12th: Grace Fellowship, Snellville GA  Tickets/Info.

June 14th: Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Columbus GA – FREE!  More info.

June 30th: Mountain Grove Church, Granite Falls NC  More info.

August 25th: Mountain Grove Church, Granite Falls NC  More info.

Before we even headed into the studio, my kids had memorized these Scriptures by listening to my first, rough demo recordings of the songs. I found out early on that it works; these songs truly embed memory verses into kids’ hearts and minds. I hope you enjoy them as much as we have – and still are!

– Danny Stephens, January 2013



Producer/songwriter Danny Stephens has spent the bulk of his adult life as a touring musician. He’s a founding and current member of the multi-Grammy and Dove nominated band Smalltown Poets. He’s also served as a church music director (Northpoint Ministries) and creative director (Christ Church in NC).

Currently, Danny works as a full-time freelance musician, songwriter, producer, and church music/creative arts consultant. He has created dozens of children’s songs, including many used by ReThink and 252 Basics children’s curriculum.

He and his wife Cindy live on a farm in Western North Carolina with their four children – Noah, Promise Joy, Dove, and Jett. They enjoy doing music for the local nursing home together, in-home family movie nights, keeping up with their myriad of homefarm animals, and tending their home-grown vittles.

Mothership Time Capsule

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For Mothership Time Capsule including ALL 12 Albums and 4 Trilogy packages listed below for FREE. Click here for free separate downloads of each album

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Guyana Missionaries The Runyons Offer Daily Scripture Songs In A Dozen Albums

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The Runyons explain their heart’s desire is that people would be able to memorize the precious “Word Of God”… Scripture Songs has been a proven way to get this done. The tune literally locks the verses in your mind. They not only use the Old King James Bible… They believe it is 100% true and accurate. They never planned to try to “make money” with our music. They gave away 1,000s of poorly recorded cassette tapes in the early days of our ministry. Then CDs came along and we gave away 1,000s of those. Then they got the idea to put the songs into a series, and have then professionally done. Daily Scripture Songs was born… They now have SONG for everyday. The whole program was expensive to produce and now we have found a way for this program to be a blessing to a lot of people. They want a lot of people to get the CDs for the same reason they always did… “To Learn The Bible”…—12-cds.html

To get acquainted with their songs they offer a free sampler album, which is their 3 favorite songs from each of the dozen monthly themed albums.

Missouri Hitchcock Family Offers Free Accapella Scripture Songs

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You had me at Free Scripture songs… 103 and counting!

You can help you hide God’s Word in your heart easily, accurately, and permanently.  Through this Internet outreach of the Hitchcock Family Ministry, made available for free download a large collection of verbatim KJV Scripture songs.

These Scripture songs were given to us by the Lord over a period of 35 years, and have proven an invaluable aid to memorizing the Word.  The tunes are memorable, even for those with no musical inclination, and every word in every Scripture song is taken directly from the King James Version of the Bible.

With each Scripture song, we have included our own short commentary.  It is our hope that the Scripture songs here will help you equip yourself with the “Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God” (Eph. 6:17), and that your understanding will be deepened by the other thoughts shared.

See a few featured Scripture songs to the right, or browse all Scripture songs now >>

With Texas Sized Heart David Crain Sings Forever: The Word of the Lord

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David Crain’s album Forever: Word of the Lord is just simply perfect to listen to.   It flows smooth like a perfect date, your favorite pancake or a bible study on a hammock.  The pace is ideal for both families to hear in the van or wearing headphones on a walk.

You want smooth?  Just listen to the refreshing reminder that my redeemer lives in track titled Job 19:25 and then skip over to track Revelation 1:8 for more about how amazing Jesus is in scripture.

These songs are passionate and performed well.  The listener will not go wrong.  Its an album you can press song shuffle on and not be disappointed.

All in all if you are new to the paradigm of scripture songs, Forever: Word of the Lord is a great way to get acquainted with the concept of hearing bible verses as lyrics.  If you are a scripture song junkie here is your next favorite.  Its easy to get to know these tracks right away and your ears will crave more helpings.

The last track is the title track and is my favorite track derived from 1 Peter 1:25 in a project, that by the looks of the credits the whole family was involved with creating.  David resides in Grand Saline, Texas with his wife, Betty. They travel the country together. They have two grown sons, Josh and Caleb who are featured throughout the 15 songs.

When you’re not sure which artist or album to listen to on your smart phone a smart choice is David Crain.  Forever: Word of the Lord gains my high personal recommendation.

David has recorded ten studio albums and has written music recorded by Chris Tomlin, Michael Armstrong and the Continental Singers. His songs range from contemporary worship to ballads and he is well known for writing humorous songs with pointed messages.

Of the five albums featured on his website, three have a scripture song emphasis.  The other two scripture song albums are “Xperiencing the Word” and “Hidden Treasure”, though these project are currently a bit more difficult to get your hands on.

The 15 tracks from Forever: Word of the Lord album are titled as the following verses as the title…

Philippians 4:8
Hebrews 11:6
Matthew 25:40
Job 19:25
Leviticus 20:26
Hebrews 11:1
Luke 9:23
Proverbs 20:1
Psalm 139:14
Revelation 1:8
Philippians 1:27
2 Chronicles 7:14
Ephesians 6:10-11
Isaiah 40:31
1 Peter 1:25

David Crain is a high-energy Christian musician and speaker who travels nationwide using music, humor, and a direct approach to reach people of all ages. He has had the privilege of singing and speaking to hundreds of thousands of individuals over the past 25 years at conferences, churches, and schools across the United States.

Over the years David Crain has ministered on stage with artists and groups such as Audio Adrenaline, Russ Taft, Kathy Trocolli, Rebecca St. James, Out of Eden, Mark Lowry, New Song, Geoff Moore, Charles Billingsly, Small Town Poets, Big Tent Revival, Al Denson, Sonic Flood, Third Day, Sierra, East to West, Paul Smith, Russ Smith, Russ Lee, Ricky Skaggs, Ken Smith and many others.

He has also led worship for such nationally known speakers as Josh McDowell, Dawson McAllister, Dave Busby, Buster Soaries, Lou Giglio, Ken Davis, Dave Edwards, Voddie Baucham, David Nassar, R.V. Brown, Art Linkletter, Jay Strack, Billy Beacham, Dennis Swanberg, Jamie Ragle and more.

You can purchase David Crain’s albums in 1 of 3 ways: call his office at (903) 962-3382, or use his  their Contact page with which CDs you want along with your name, mailing address, and phone number. They willl ship your requested CDs to you and include a bill for you to mail us payment. CDs cost $12 each and that includes shipping and handling.

Also you can use iTunes, or download from the MP3 store. At this time the only albums available from iTunes and Amazon are “Forever” and “We Believe”. You can find them on iTunes at this link and on at this link.


-Dave Davidson for


Free Here To Heaven Album Download of Evangelism Scripture Songs by

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Its the perfect soundtrack to train your faith so you can share your faith.

Esther Mui From Malaysia Gives Away 4 Scripture Song Albums

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We are pleased to announce the launch of Esther’s new website where all her songs are now available free for download. All praise and glory to our God.

Oracles of God Prepares For Release Of ‘JESUS CHRIST – The Book of Revelation’

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Oracles of God upcoming album: JESUS CHRIST – THE BOOK OF REVELATION (Chapters 1-11). Also featured from the album: “Two Candlesticks” (Track 9) which contains the text from the first half of Revelation 11.  The album will be available in 2012.