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Duncan Chua Blazes YouTube With 118 Bible Versing Songs And Counting

bible versing

We help you to memorise Bible verses by turning them into songs. Each song contains the full text of the particular verse as well as the Scripture reference – meaning that you get the added benefit of remembering exactly where the verse can be found in the Bible!

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Sing a Bible Verse by Wayne Hooper

More than 300 original songs by Wayne Hooper provide an easy way for children – and adults – to memorize Bible verses.

Here is a link to the published music, but does anyone have links to actual recorded music? –




More From The Verses Project


Psalm 96 is a compilation album featuring Robbie Seay, Charlie Hall, Aaron Strumpel, and others. 2 of the songs are previous unreleased including Robbie Seay’s “Psalm 96:11-13”. All the songs were written for and released by The Verses Project, which produces free weekly songs and artwork straight from scripture for the purpose of memorization and meditation. To subscribe, All proceeds from this album will go towards future projects and allow The Verses Project to continue providing weekly songs and artwork for free. You will also receive an email with Psalm 96 artwork designed by several artists/graphic designers.



March 16th is Happy 3:16 (Scripture Songs of only 3:16 Verses)

Happy 316 1600

March 16th is Happy 3:16 (Scripture Songs of only 3:16 Verses)

A unique collection of over 16 scripture songs with the numerical verse address of 3:16. It just so happens that besides the well known verse in John 3:16 the chapter and verse of 3:16 is a great set of verses.





Old School Scripture In Song – From the Rising of the Sun

Old School Scripture In Song – 1977 – vol. 2 – 04 From the Rising of the Sun

Rick Altizer Scripture Memory Pop Symphonies


I will make this choice easy for you…  I downloaded this album from itunes and enjoyed the entire album the first listen and every time since.  All tracks blend smoothly into one another for a very catchy overall appeal. I highly recommend Scripture Memory Pop Symphonies. It is the type of album you don’t mind hearing every track.  So what are you waiting for? – Dave Davidson Scripture Song Albums Available at Noisetrade

! 1600 website is having troubles.

For now you can download all 12 albums here…

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The Psalm Project Band Sets Out To Record Songs For All 150 Psalms

The Psalm Project Band Set Out To Record Songs For All 150 Psalms… As of Easter 2014 they have 20 songs down, 130 to go so far… There slogan is “Every Psalm. Every Verse.”

The Psalms Project is a community of musicians carrying out out a vision of setting all 150 Psalms to music and including the essential meaning of every verse, crafting songs that are stylistically faithful to each Psalm by combining modern, familiar instrumentation with unconventional structure and style – a marriage of King David’s vision with the best qualities of modern worship music.

Visit their official site at

If you’re partial to itunes click this link… 

Their impressive roster of musicians include 32 artists…

Here are the lyrics to the first 20 songs and 2 albums…




Get this album free at Noisetrade and tip the band.


Get this album free at Noisetrade and tip the band.

Volume 2: Psalms 11-20 is the second album from The Psalms Project, a band setting all 150 Psalms to music and including the essential meaning of every verse. Featuring a different lead vocalist on every track, Volume 2: Psalms 11-20 features a variety of musical styles appropriate to Psalms 11-20 (as well as an original setting of Psalm 121), communicating each psalm’s meaning with a worshipful and passionate sound.


If you have read this far please pray for these musicians as they work on this amazing goal. roots you all on, looking forwart to 13 more albums. – Dave Davidson

Get Sherrie Youngward’s Scripture Songs Volume Two FREE




I have used songs from this album when I tuck in my most recent two adopted daughters age 5 and 7.  “In The Shelter” is one of the most delightful lullabyies you will ever find as a parent to calm fears at bedtime.  Download this masterpeice at Noisetrade as soon as you can and leaven Sherrie a generous tip. – Dave Davidson

Jude Injuction by Christcentric


Christcentric is a collection of ministers who use the vehicle of hip-hop to preach, teach, and defend the message of Jesus Christ and Him crucified.

Christcentric takes doctrinal truths and biblical passages and casts them into a lyrical framework to make plain the mind of the Lord to professing believers within the hip-hop culture.

With the Jude Injuction, Christcentric embarks on another ambitious task of doing a fully expositional project.

In this 6th project dropping on December 3rd the hope is to clearly convey the concerns the Holy Spirit sought to raise through Jude. By doing so, may the Lord be pleased to make the faith more precious and the fame of Christ more widespread.

1. By Faith
Produced by The Apologist

2. Jude 1-2 The Salutation
Produced by Blessed Nazirite for Set You Free Productions

3. Jude 3 The Faith Once For All Delivered
Produced by Righteouz Knight

4. Jude 4 Clandestine Workers

Produced by Doctrynal

5. Jude 5-7 Destruction of Apostates
Produced by Righteouz Knight

6. Thy Kingdom Come! (Postmillennialism) Feat. Benjamin The Esquire
Produced by Righteouz Knight

7. Jude 8-10 Despisers of the Truth
Produced by The Apologist

8. Jude 11 Threefold Apostasy Feat ThaKidd Jopp
Produced by The Apologist

9. God’s Righteousness
Produced by The Apologist

10. Jude 12-13 Divine Indictment of Evil Workers
Produced by Blessed Nazirite for Set You Free Productions

11. Jude 14-15 Enoch’s Prophecy
Produced by The Apologist

12. Doctrinal Rhymeschemes Part 2 Feat. Omri & B-Doe
Produced by The Apologist

13. Jude 16-19 Unholy Separatists
Produced by The Apologist

14. Jude 20-23 Faith’s Resource
Produced by Doctrynal

15. Jude 24-25 The Doxology
Produced by The Apologist, Bass & Guitar by Rick Amezaga

16. Wrath & Grace Feat. Righteouz Knight, Benjamin The Esquire & Omri
Produced by The Apologist


bamlamnam . • a comment from Rapzilla site…

Christcentric, one of the few left putting out actual Christian music instead of those claiming to reach the masses by watering down the message to “relate” more meanwhile they are reaching none and leading none to Christ because it is impossible to lead someone to Christ without the word and the gospel message. Song 16 Wrath and Grace is hotter than Elijah’s alter when he challenged the false prophets of Baal, definitely one of the best songs I have heard this year!