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Trefor Jones Offers Offer 11 Scripture Song From Psalms

Trevor Jones

“The Psalms are timeless but allow us to express in quite a raw way how we are feeling to God”. This was the inspiration for Trefor Jones to record these ancient scriptures and “rediscover the Psalms as songs that are meant to be sung”.

Having previously released the album back in 2011, to much critical acclaim, Trefor Jones is pleased to announce that the Psalms project is going to be available as a free download.

“I am proud to have made an album that is different but that is sung in spirit and in truth. I genuinely think it’s important that we reconnect with the Psalms and this is my contribution to that effort.

Giving away the album for free is a brilliant way of ensuring that lots of people get to hear it”.


Duncan Chua Blazes YouTube With 118 Bible Versing Songs And Counting

bible versing

We help you to memorise Bible verses by turning them into songs. Each song contains the full text of the particular verse as well as the Scripture reference – meaning that you get the added benefit of remembering exactly where the verse can be found in the Bible!

Thanks for watching, and remember to subscribe to our channel. – Duncan


More From The Verses Project


Psalm 96 is a compilation album featuring Robbie Seay, Charlie Hall, Aaron Strumpel, and others. 2 of the songs are previous unreleased including Robbie Seay’s “Psalm 96:11-13”. All the songs were written for and released by The Verses Project, which produces free weekly songs and artwork straight from scripture for the purpose of memorization and meditation. To subscribe, All proceeds from this album will go towards future projects and allow The Verses Project to continue providing weekly songs and artwork for free. You will also receive an email with Psalm 96 artwork designed by several artists/graphic designers.



Rick Altizer Scripture Memory Pop Symphonies


I will make this choice easy for you…  I downloaded this album from itunes and enjoyed the entire album the first listen and every time since.  All tracks blend smoothly into one another for a very catchy overall appeal. I highly recommend Scripture Memory Pop Symphonies. It is the type of album you don’t mind hearing every track.  So what are you waiting for? – Dave Davidson


The Verses Project 141 Songs Recorded As Of May Day 2014









We believe there is no more important book in the world than the Word of God because within it we find the words of God. Do you want to know what God is like and what has He done throughout history? Look to His Word. Wonder who we are and what we were created for? Look to His Word. God’s Word is living and abiding (1 Peter 1:23); by it we are we born again, and by it we grow up into salvation (1 Peter 2:2)! David teaches us that blessed is that man whose delight is in the law of the Lord (Psalm 1:2); that we are to love it, walk in it, and as we store it in our hearts we learn to not sin against God (Psalm 119:1, 11).

We see that God’s Word is not merely information about Him, but that God’s Word must bear a functional authority in our lives! We want God’s words to find a home in us (John 15:7) and to transform us by His Spirit so that we’re equipped for every good work (2 Timothy 3:16). How do we do this? Through memorization & meditation.


Though we might agree that memorization & meditation are important disciplines, they are much easier talked about than carried out practically in our busy rhythms of life. People start the journey of memorization off strong, but after 2 or 3 weeks, that gusto is often lost. Verses Project intends to make memorization and meditation sustainable, accessible, and even joyful. Every week, we pick a memory verse and post a song to help you hear and sing God’s Word; we post artwork to save on your mobile device, desktop, or for your wall so that you might not only hear it, but also constantly see it, be reminded of it, and treasure it; finally, we post a devotional blog to help you think on and engage with the text.

If you want to join us on this journey, please sign up on our mailing list (see at the bottom of the page). Our prayer is that you, your friends, family, and community will be saturated in God’s Word by this project. That not only will you memorize & meditate on it, but that you would delight in it and by changed by it. That of us would be spoken the same words Charles Spurgeon spoke of John Bunyan: “Prick him anywhere – his blood is bibline, the very essence of the Bible flows from him.”

“I will meditate on your precepts and fix my eyes on your ways. I will delight in your statutes; I will not forget your word.” (Psalm 119:15-16)


The Verses Project is run by Joel Limpic (a worship pastor at Park Church in Denver, CO) and Ryan Gikas (a worship pastor at Bridgeway Church in Oklahoma City, OK). The majority of musical production is overseen by Chris Clark and Dustin Ragland.

Original songs by Charlie Hall, Robbie Seay, Brooks Ritter, Latifah Philips (Page CXVI), Loud Harp, and others.

Graphic designers & artwork by Chris Wright, Jonathan David Lindsey, Jesse Owen, Scott Allen Hill, Grant Hill, and others.


Robbie Seay Releases 5 Psalm Songs


Friends, It’s with great joy today that we make available the brand new RSB record “Psalms EP, Vol. 1” for free. As many of you know, I have been a worship pastor and songwriter for many years. I have written songs for the church and in the church. By definition, I am a modern day Psalmist – though my understanding and passion for the Biblical Psalms, until recently, has been elementary. Sure, I had favorites that i would read and a basic knowledge of the more common passages but it was not a priority for me to include the Psalms when leading worship or to write new music for the Psalms. God changed that in me and this past summer as RSB went into the studio to record “Psalms EP, Vol. 1”. The Old Testament theologian Gordon Wenham said “Singing or praying the Psalms is a performative act. Saying them to God alters one’s relationship in a way that merely listening does not.” Our hope is that you enjoy these new songs, store these Psalms within you and that together we sing and pray these Psalms in response to a loving and holy God. And so there a few things I am asking you to do as you download Vol 1 today: 1. Download and listen. 2. If these Psalms resonate with you and if the vision of composing new music for these Psalms is something you believe in, we need your help. Vol 1 is on us at no charge. But we need you to pre-order Vol 2 & 3. We will be launching a Kickstarter to begin the pre-orders for Volumes 2&3 in coming days and would love to have you join in the fun. 3. Help us spread the word about the new music in whatever way you think is appropriate. We are an independent band that doesn’t have a big marketing machine. We simply have great friends who we’ve met through the years – and we are grateful for any mention of this EP and the Kickstarter campaign. Follow us on twitter (@robbieseay), Facebook (RobbieSeayBand fan page) or look for email updates in the coming weeks. Blessings from RSB, Robbie

The Psalm Project Band Sets Out To Record Songs For All 150 Psalms

The Psalm Project Band Set Out To Record Songs For All 150 Psalms… As of Easter 2014 they have 20 songs down, 130 to go so far… There slogan is “Every Psalm. Every Verse.”

The Psalms Project is a community of musicians carrying out out a vision of setting all 150 Psalms to music and including the essential meaning of every verse, crafting songs that are stylistically faithful to each Psalm by combining modern, familiar instrumentation with unconventional structure and style – a marriage of King David’s vision with the best qualities of modern worship music.

Visit their official site at

If you’re partial to itunes click this link… 

Their impressive roster of musicians include 32 artists…

Here are the lyrics to the first 20 songs and 2 albums…




Get this album free at Noisetrade and tip the band.


Get this album free at Noisetrade and tip the band.

Volume 2: Psalms 11-20 is the second album from The Psalms Project, a band setting all 150 Psalms to music and including the essential meaning of every verse. Featuring a different lead vocalist on every track, Volume 2: Psalms 11-20 features a variety of musical styles appropriate to Psalms 11-20 (as well as an original setting of Psalm 121), communicating each psalm’s meaning with a worshipful and passionate sound.


If you have read this far please pray for these musicians as they work on this amazing goal. roots you all on, looking forwart to 13 more albums. – Dave Davidson

Tree Of Psalms 87 Single by Peter Nevland



Get Sherrie Youngward’s Scripture Songs Volume Two FREE




I have used songs from this album when I tuck in my most recent two adopted daughters age 5 and 7.  “In The Shelter” is one of the most delightful lullabyies you will ever find as a parent to calm fears at bedtime.  Download this masterpeice at Noisetrade as soon as you can and leaven Sherrie a generous tip. – Dave Davidson

Download The Psalm 91 Song By Hitchcock Family


Download the Psalm 91 Song

If you put this verbatim musical rendition of the “Soldier’s Psalm” on your iPod or a CD and listen to it often, you may soon find yourself not only singing along, but effortlessly memorizing the entire 91st Psalm. Try it – the recording is absolutely free.

About Psalm 91

For the believer, the promises contained in the 91st Psalm are of great comfort in a world increasingly rampant with the violence of “wars and rumors of wars”(Matt: 26:4). This song is presented in the hope that it will lead the hearers back to God’s Word, which reminds us all that only in Christ Jesus can we find refuge from the storms of life.

About the Music

The music for this rendition of Psalm 91, composed in 1998, is one of many melodies the Lord has given us for verbatim passages from the KJV. It has been our privilege to use these songs to hide God’s Word in our hearts, and this “Psalm of Protection” has become a family favorite. We felt impressed of the Lord to make this simple recording for distribution over the Internet; we hope you will find it a channel of blessing.