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Ezekiel Chapter 28:12-19 – A Lament for the King of Tyre – by Paul Stringini


In this passage, the king of Tyre is spiritually tied to to Satan (or, perhaps it would be better to say, that in reading this our minds are drawn to compare him with Satan). It was one of my early songs, and it is still fun to play.

Ezekiel Chapter 31 – Pharaoh and His Multitude – by Paul Stringini


This is a very intense visual experience, you will probably either watch it several times or turn it off after about 10 seconds. This song is about the power of Satan which underpins Earthly powers and about their shared fate. I won’t say more than that, I use the images in the video to communicate my thoughts on the subject. The lyrics are, of course, Ezekiel Chapter 31 from the Bible, more for less verbatim. – Paul Stringini

This Song “Ezekiel Chapter 31 – Pharaoh and His Multitude” Is Dave Davidson’s Favorite Oracles of God Scripture Song.  Daves Super Faves