California’s Jumpstart3 Off To A Great Beginning With 26 Scripture Songs

SS Jumpstart3

Welcome To JumpStart3

Our goal is to create an exciting and innovative way for kids to memorize God’s word and hide it in their hearts! We do this by combining lyrics straight from the Bible with modern music in the style of today’s Top40 Pop/Dance hits.

Our songs are being used in churches, schools, and minivans around the world! When we started, we intended to create songs that helped our own kids memorize Bible verses. Once these songs got in the hands of the kids themselves, they began singing them as worship songs. Even more exciting, they started sharing them with their unchurched friends!

JumpStart3 currently offers all of it’s songs in multiple formats:
Radio Mix, Performance Tracks (Karaoke), Lyric Videos, and Hand Motion Videos.
We offer all of our songs on traditional CDs and DVDs as well as downloadable mp3s (audio) and mp4s (video).

Please spend some time listening to our songs and watching our videos here on our website. If you like what you hear, we invite you to support this exciting ministry by purchasing products from our store. JumpStart3


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